Our Stock Indices are based on the cash price of the underlying index.

Index and dealing hours Value of one contract
(per index point) (3)
Dealing spread
Limited Risk Premium
(2) (6)
Margin Requirement
(per contract)
South African 40 - Micro 24 hours (4) * ZAR 2 Variable (30) 15 ZAR 1'308
South African 40 - Mini 24 hours (4) ZAR 10 Variable (30) 15 ZAR 6'543
South African 40 - Standard 24 hours (4) ZAR 50 Variable (30) 15 ZAR 32'700

Notes to table

* Please note that there is a minimum contract size of 2x micro contracts when opening a position.

Our South Africa 40 Stock Index is a special form of CFD that gives a client exposure to changes in the value of the stock index but cannot result in the delivery of any share or instrument by or to the client.

  1. Our in-hours South Africa 40 cash index price is derived from the underlying near-dated ALSI futures contract adjusted by removing its fair value calculation. Fair value is the natural premium at which the futures market tends to trade which reflects interest advantage and disadvantage of forgone dividends. For in-hours trading, the price spread is fixed, provided that the underlying market spread remains within a predetermined parameter. Alternatively, should the underlying market spread widen, our price will become the market spread with 4 points added to either side of the spread. As the fair value calculation is removed from the underlying futures to derive our price, the index will therefore be subject to overnight financing at a set rate linked to SABOR and will be subject to dividend adjustments.
    The out-of-hours South Africa 40 cash index price is derived by anticipating the underlying near-dated AlSI futures contract next opening price relative to international market and currency movements.
  2. For Limited Risk transactions, a Limited Risk premium is charged on the opening.
  3. The minimum transaction size is one contract.
  4. Local times listed. Please contact us for specific information about public holidays.
  5. CFDs on stock indices are Undated Transactions that do not expire (unless requested). For each day that a position is held adjustments are calculated to reflect the effect of interest and dividends. For stock index contracts denominated in South African rand, a daily interest adjustment is calculated for any position that is opened before 16:50 (SA Time) and that is still open after 16:50 (SA Time). These adjustments are posted daily to the client's account.
    • Interest adjustments are calculated as follows:
      D = n x L x C x i / 360
      D Daily interest adjustment
      n Number of lots
      L Lot size
      C Current index price
      i Applicable annual interest rate.

      The applicable interest rate will be +/-2.5% above/below the indicator cash rate of that index with the exception of non-standard indices and forex contracts, which will be calculated using a rate of +/-3% above/below the indicator cash rate. For stock index contracts denominated in South African rands the applicable rand cash rate will be used.

      Note: The formula uses 365-day divisor for non-UK indices.

      Interest in respect of long positions is debited from a client's account and interest in respect of short positions is generally credited to a client's account.

    • A dividend adjustment is applied when a component share passes its ex-dividend date (including the ex-date of any special dividend) in the underlying stock market. In the case of long positions, the dividend adjustment is credited to the client's account. In the case of short positions, the dividend adjustment is debited from the client's account.
  6. Trading times are local times.
  7. IG normally quotes in-hours spreads during official trading hours of the underlying instrument. Out of hours spreads apply outside of these times and during relevant market holidays.
  8. Clients may request that an open stock index position will expire on the day that the request is made. We are unlikely to agree to such a request if either:
    • the size of the position or positions is larger than 10 contracts
    • the request is made less than two hours before the close of the related expiry market.

      On our agreement to an expiry request, the transaction or transactions in question will become an Expiry Transaction, and will automatically expire at the official closing price of the related expiry market.

  9. The change value on SA40 index cash contracts is reset to zero at 16h50 each day.

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